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Pork Shoulder Boston Butt Part 2

I ended up slow cooking what actually was an 8 pound, 8 ounce pork shoulder Boston butt covered in the oven, initially at a temp of 185 degree F for 3-hours nestled on sliced onions, with apple juice, sweet sherry, chicken broth and minced garlic. Then I raised the temp to 250 degrees F after talking to our daughter our culinary expert, and cooked it an additional 8 hours. Pulling the pork was more difficult than we expected. Both DH and I used forks to pull it. He ended up cheating a bit at the end, and sliced it and then pulled the individual slices. I teased him about cheating, and he said no one would ever know. Little does he know, I ratted him out here. I cut the roast in half to make it easier for both of us to pull the meat. After the pork was pulled, we added our favorite grilling sauce as well as some of the fluid from the bottom of the roasting pan. DH mixed the pulled pork mixture until well mixed. It yielded seven resealable bags of pulled pork mixture ranging in weight from 12.4 ounces to 13.8 ounces. I froze six of the bags, keeping one out for dinner tonight. I also collected all of the onions from the bottom of the pan to add to the sandwiches.

Recipe for pulled pork!

Pork Shoulder Boston Butt

Now, looking at the description of shoulder and butt in the same title, one would wonder how that is even possible? “Butt means the widest part of the pig.” Even though, my FIL and his brother were butchers, not all of the terms of the trade were passed down to my DH. I learned what I know about meat cuts from my Mom.  Also from our daughter who graduated from culinary school and worked as a butcher at a local organic market, before getting married and raising a family. So, DH got this hankering for pulled pork, and I said, we could cook it in the crock-pot. He Googled while at the food market, “What cut of pork is used for pulled pork?” Up popped: Shoulder. In the meat case was this 8 pound Pork Shoulder Boston Butt, which was a cut I normally don’t buy. DH said he remembered reading that when it had Boston in the name, it meant 1/2 a shoulder. So we purchased it. I found out real quick that it was way to big for my crock-pot!!! Funny thing is, when I was at the market, I was sure it was small enough to fit in the crock-pot. Only goes to show, one should measure and research what one needs before they get to the market. So now, I am cooking this thing, flying blindly. I told our daughter via text messaging that we had bought this giant thing and she laughed via the texting and said we were going to be eating pork for days on end. I replied, that we could freeze it in portions. Stay tuned for the update…

Elite Speciality Food Market Tasting Day

We joined my MIL and our older daughter this afternoon at Rastelli Market’s tasting event. Both of them had been to other such events. When we arrived to the market located on State Road Route 73, Marlton, NJ, the parking lot was almost completely full. I said jokingly, “It looks like they are giving something away!” My DH said, “They are!” And we all laughed. Today the market had lots of samples from jumbo shrimp to pecan pie. I personally sampled a peach smoothie, mashed sweet potatoes, corn bread dressing, Brussels sprouts, cream of artichoke soup, butternut squash soup, baklava, glazed honey ham, turkey breast with cranberry sauce and finally red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. There were lots of other things to try as well, different cheeses, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, ice cream, shrimp, various juices, and probably more that I didn’t even see. It was very crowded and the samplings were very good. Unrelated to the tastings, We bought organic chicken drum sticks, brioche, a six-pack of beer and cider doughnuts. The drum sticks were on special, the brioche is great for French toast, although, I will probably just eat it plain. The beer is for beer bread and the cider doughnuts, are just because I love them. If we had stayed there longer, I would have bought more items. It was good for us that the market was extremely crowded and difficult to move around.

Not Qualified to Bake Cookies

A funny thing happened… A friend of mine and fellow blogger invited me to participate in a cookies exchange, however, my food blog doesn’t qualify per their rules. I read the rules, and I thought it qualified. I only told my one daughter I was doing it, so now I’m not. This is the third time I have almost been involved in a cookie exchange. The first time, I signed up for one in Haddonfield, NJ, it was cancelled due to lack of interest. The second time I signed up for another one at the same place the following year. At the last minute, I sent my daughter as I had to work. So, this year my daughter said she could go with me this year to the exchange, however, I haven’t seen it advertised. So then this one fell into my lap so to speak. Is it true, 3 strikes and you are out? Or should I persevere? Or should I create my own cookie exchange?

In Search of…

From when I was a child all the way to when I had children of my own I enjoyed a convenient out of a box side dish. It was created and produced by Betty Crocker. It was a sad day when they stopped making Noodles Romanoff. My whole family loved it. It may be my imagination, but it seems as soon as we like something, the manufacturer either “improves it” or discontinues it. Only the manufacturer thinks it has been improved I might add. Sometimes, I am not alone, and the manufacturer gets an ear full from all of its unhappy followers. And they wind up making two versions, the new and the old. However, that doesn’t happen too often. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got a hankering for Noodles Romanoff. So I found a recipe on one of the many food cites, however, it didn’t taste anything like it, at least not anything like I remembered it to taste like. So, the search continues…Stay tuned.