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Elite Speciality Food Market Tasting Day

We joined my MIL and our older daughter this afternoon at Rastelli Market’s tasting event. Both of them had been to other such events. When we arrived to the market located on State Road Route 73, Marlton, NJ, the parking lot was almost completely full. I said jokingly, “It looks like they are giving something away!” My DH said, “They are!” And we all laughed. Today the market had lots of samples from jumbo shrimp to pecan pie. I personally sampled a peach smoothie, mashed sweet potatoes, corn bread dressing, Brussels sprouts, cream of artichoke soup, butternut squash soup, baklava, glazed honey ham, turkey breast with cranberry sauce and finally red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. There were lots of other things to try as well, different cheeses, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, ice cream, shrimp, various juices, and probably more that I didn’t even see. It was very crowded and the samplings were very good. Unrelated to the tastings, We bought organic chicken drum sticks, brioche, a six-pack of beer and cider doughnuts. The drum sticks were on special, the brioche is great for French toast, although, I will probably just eat it plain. The beer is for beer bread and the cider doughnuts, are just because I love them. If we had stayed there longer, I would have bought more items. It was good for us that the market was extremely crowded and difficult to move around.