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You may have noticed?

In the last few days the site has had 3 names: AcadiaToo, Acadia2 and now AcadiaTwo. I like to be consistent, and if I wasn’t Save A Penny Benny in the first place I wouldn’t now be in this predicament. Since I named the domain in 2012, before I thought of the name AcadiaToo, I was stuck with it. or at least I thought so? What I should have done was totally scrap it, as it had no purpose, and re-create the site from scratch. That way, most likely, I would have been able to get AcadiaToo as my domain name. So it is what it is. And since I now have followers, I won’t be changing the actual domain name. However, Acadia2 the name has already been taken in numerous sites I have been on as a user name. So essentially, Acadia2 and AcadiaTwo are the same and it makes more sense to me, then Acadia2 and AcadiaToo. My friend Gail often tells me I am a Whack Job!

The meaning behind Acadia 2

AA-goofy This picture is my best known picture in the recipe scene. It depicts my now deceased dark golden retriever Acadia National Bark. When I joined Recipezaar back in 2008, I received my chef number which is #804550. Since I am not a classically trained Chef, I changed my avatar name to Acadia. When Recipezaar was renamed my name became Acadia*. Also at that time one of my fellow foodies from the now dissolved forums, decided to break away and create her own site which was Kittencal’s Kitchen which later became When I joined the new sites, I wanted people to know I was related to Acadia”, and chose AcadiaToo. Eventually, I changed all of my avatar names to AcadiaTwo since my blog domain is Acadia2. The character, Indiana Jones, which is revealed in the third movie (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), that the character’s name Indiana was the name of his dog when he was a child. And he adopted it, as his name that everyone knows him by. So in that respect, we have that in common as both of us took our names from a favorite dog.

Speaking A New Language

As a graphic artist, the trade has a language that only other graphic designers, printers, and binders know as a rule. When speaking to the layman, one needs to be bilingual and be able to explain the trade terms into language they can understand. For instance bleeds and gutters, in the graphic arts trade doesn’t mean the same thing that most people who speak English understand them to mean. The cooking industry has a similar trade language as well. So as a novice home cook, which technically I was when I began, I really had no idea what certain terms meant? Of course I learned a great deal from my Mom, our daughter K. as well as from the different forums on Zaar. Our daughter J. is also a great home cook. The three of us often, send photos of what we are making or cooking to each other and food is the subject of most of our texts, emails or general conversation. I would like to thank everyone who helped me progress to the passionate home cook I am now. (Of course with that said, I am always willing to drop everything, put it on hold midway through preparation, when DH says, “Let’s go out for dinner!” and DH knows that I  am easily bribed into doing something, with the payment of going out for dinner or lunch.)