Pizza Discovery Road Trip 3

Bricco Coal Fired Pizza, Haddon Heights, NJ

We ordered one large pizza, half Margarita & half Mushroom Arugula (They had a fancy name for it)

The mushrooms appeared to be Shiitakes with long stems and were very chewy. In my experience, the stems on shiitake mushrooms are typically discarded. For my taste there were too many arugula leaves on it. The crust was extra thin and rustic looking. The Margarita was traditional with delicious red sauce, fresh mozzarella and the right amount of basil leaves. I was surprised that the leaves were basil since they were serrated, however as soon as I tasted one I knew it was indeed a basil leaf.

From where I was sitting, I had a view of the pizza oven and I was amazed at the open flames I could see inside of it. Probably, why the edge of the crust was well done and blackened in places. The restaurant itself had an industrial decor. When we arrived there was only one other patron seated. The hostess sat us in the booth next to the occupied one. When a large group of attorneys came in, the restaurant became so noisy, that DH and I had to shout at each other to be heard. I think it had to do with the hard surfaces and acoustics of the restaurant.

We loved the Margarita side better than the mushroom. We would definitely go back for it.

Note: DH had a mushroom slice that was leftover and he stated it was better the second day.


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