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Taking the Leap – About Me

Even though this blog was created in 2012 and the published stamp at the bottom says such, I am writing this post here in the present in August 2014. I have decided to dedicate it to my love of cooking or actually a combination of things. About 10 years ago, I had reached a point in my adult life when cooking was just another chore. Our older daughter J. developed a love for baking which influenced our younger daughter K. to attempt it too with not much success early on. Of course K. was 3 years younger than J. Eventually though, K. became so passionate about cooking that midway through college she decided to not only change majors, but change her direction totally and go to culinary school. Of course this was a complete shock to DH and myself. However, my philosophy when it comes to a job, is you should love what you do. So if one wants to be a classically trained chef, then the family should support that decision, and that is what we did. So after K. switched to culinary school, this was the main influence for me to kick started my new hobby at that time. In 2008, I joined one of the recipe oriented websites at the time, known  affectionately as Zaar. As a result, I met (virtually) a group of food enthusiasts who shared my interests. Thus began my passionate hobby: to make posted recipes, to review them and to photograph the end result.