Road Trip 3 ~ Donkey’s Place, Camden, NJ

There are some scary places and traveling to Donkey’s Place is not for the faint of heart. It is well worth the trip at least once, as the sandwiches are out of this world. Not your traditional Philadelphia style cheesesteak sandwich, which traditionally is served on a long roll, with actual chipped steak. Donkey’s Cheesesteak sandwiches consist on what appeared to me as marinated pot roast or something similar, American cheese and fried onions. It is a huge sandwich served on a Kaiser roll. Table side there are condiments including some of their famous jams plus the typical type. It’s a bar so it has alcoholic beverages and it has seating at the bar, plus several shareable tables in the back. There are a few off street parking places, but most are on the street. I couldn’t eat my whole sandwich as it was so big and filling. We also ordered French fries, which I never even tried. DH ate his whole sandwich and the French fries. Sandwiches were tasty, but I wouldn’t go back to the Camden location. However, Donkey’s has a second location in Medford, NJ.

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