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The meaning behind Acadia 2

AA-goofy This picture is my best known picture in the recipe scene. It depicts my now deceased dark golden retriever Acadia National Bark. When I joined Recipezaar back in 2008, I received my chef number which is #804550. Since I am not a classically trained Chef, I changed my avatar name to Acadia. When Recipezaar was renamed my name became Acadia*. Also at that time one of my fellow foodies from the now dissolved forums, decided to break away and create her own site which was Kittencal’s Kitchen which later became When I joined the new sites, I wanted people to know I was related to Acadia”, and chose AcadiaToo. Eventually, I changed all of my avatar names to AcadiaTwo since my blog domain is Acadia2. The character, Indiana Jones, which is revealed in the third movie (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), that the character’s name Indiana was the name of his dog when he was a child. And he adopted it, as his name that everyone knows him by. So in that respect, we have that in common as both of us took our names from a favorite dog.