Road Trip for Pizza – 2

Tomato Pie

So I selected another pizza restaurant from the list. This time I selected the Holy Tomato in Blackwood, NJ. DH and I headed to the address on the Black Horse Pike, however the GPS in our vehicle took us to the wrong location. As a result, I decided to plug it in to my phone. We finally found the place, but it was closed. Only, then did I check their hours. They didn’t open until 3pm and the time was noon. We have not yet been to the Holy Tomato as of this posting.

Instead we went to Carollos in Turnersville, NJ which we spied when we were looking for the Holy Tomato. Weather outside was warm, sunny and a Saturday in July. The restaurant was beautifully maintained. Restrooms were clean and spotless. The inside had ample comfortable seating. Parking lot with parking.

We bought “slices”. DH ordered a Sicilian style slice. It was thick and airy. I ordered a slice of tomato pie which also had a thick airy crust. The tomato sauce was laced with the perfect amount of garlic. One of the things I love about having a slice reheated is the crust gets a crunchy texture on the bottom with soft interior. This one was one of the best tomato pies, I have ever had. DH talked me into sharing another slice of the one he had originally ordered. It was good but not as tasty as the tomato pie in my opinion.

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