You may have noticed?

In the last few days the site has had 3 names: AcadiaToo, Acadia2 and now AcadiaTwo. I like to be consistent, and if I wasn’t Save A Penny Benny in the first place I wouldn’t now be in this predicament. Since I named the domain in 2012, before I thought of the name AcadiaToo, I was stuck with it. or at least I thought so? What I should have done was totally scrap it, as it had no purpose, and re-create the site from scratch. That way, most likely, I would have been able to get AcadiaToo as my domain name. So it is what it is. And since I now have followers, I won’t be changing the actual domain name. However, Acadia2 the name has already been taken in numerous sites I have been on as a user name. So essentially, Acadia2 and AcadiaTwo are the same and it makes more sense to me, then Acadia2 and AcadiaToo. My friend Gail often tells me I am a Whack Job!

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