Not Qualified to Bake Cookies

A funny thing happened… A friend of mine and fellow blogger invited me to participate in a cookies exchange, however, my food blog doesn’t qualify per their rules. I read the rules, and I thought it qualified. I only told my one daughter I was doing it, so now I’m not. This is the third time I have almost been involved in a cookie exchange. The first time, I signed up for one in Haddonfield, NJ, it was cancelled due to lack of interest. The second time I signed up for another one at the same place the following year. At the last minute, I sent my daughter as I had to work. So, this year my daughter said she could go with me this year to the exchange, however, I haven’t seen it advertised. So then this one fell into my lap so to speak. Is it true, 3 strikes and you are out? Or should I persevere? Or should I create my own cookie exchange?

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