In Search of…

From when I was a child all the way to when I had children of my own I enjoyed a convenient out of a box side dish. It was created and produced by Betty Crocker. It was a sad day when they stopped making Noodles Romanoff. My whole family loved it. It may be my imagination, but it seems as soon as we like something, the manufacturer either “improves it” or discontinues it. Only the manufacturer thinks it has been improved I might add. Sometimes, I am not alone, and the manufacturer gets an ear full from all of its unhappy followers. And they wind up making two versions, the new and the old. However, that doesn’t happen too often. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got a hankering for Noodles Romanoff. So I found a recipe on one of the many food cites, however, it didn’t taste anything like it, at least not anything like I remembered it to taste like. So, the search continues…Stay tuned.



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