New Jersey Food Cottage Law

I make homemade bread for my family’s own consumption. I had thought about selling it at a local flea market, and accidentally stumbled into a debate on Facebook where some of the posters had the idea that a cottage Bill had actually become law. After searching the State of New Jersey’s website, I have come to the conclusion that the State has no such Cottage Food Law. A Bill has been proposed and passed in the Assembly however, it is currently in limbo, with an undetermined time as to when it will be heard and voted upon in one  way or the other. My guess is the Bill is being held up by lobbyists for commercial bakeries and or kitchens. I have heard of instances where a home-baker who was making and selling beautifully decorated cakes was reported by a disgruntled customer. So, until New Jersey passes a Cottage Law, I won’t be selling any homemade foods, and neither should anyone else.

I am currently looking into the requirements of a mobile hotdog cart type of operation through the Camden County Health Department. However, I have no desire to cook with propane, especially after a food truck blew up in Philadelphia a year or so ago. I am happy to report that the fire marshal in the town I live in requires that food trucks using propane must be inspected by the fire department. Now the big question is, do all fire departments inspect them? And the other question is how often?

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