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Pork Shoulder Boston Butt Part 2

I ended up slow cooking what actually was an 8 pound, 8 ounce pork shoulder Boston butt covered in the oven, initially at a temp of 185 degree F for 3-hours nestled on sliced onions, with apple juice, sweet sherry, chicken broth and minced garlic. Then I raised the temp to 250 degrees F after talking to our daughter our culinary expert, and cooked it an additional 8 hours. Pulling the pork was more difficult than we expected. Both DH and I used forks to pull it. He ended up cheating a bit at the end, and sliced it and then pulled the individual slices. I teased him about cheating, and he said no one would ever know. Little does he know, I ratted him out here. I cut the roast in half to make it easier for both of us to pull the meat. After the pork was pulled, we added our favorite grilling sauce as well as some of the fluid from the bottom of the roasting pan. DH mixed the pulled pork mixture until well mixed. It yielded seven resealable bags of pulled pork mixture ranging in weight from 12.4 ounces to 13.8 ounces. I froze six of the bags, keeping one out for dinner tonight. I also collected all of the onions from the bottom of the pan to add to the sandwiches.

Recipe for pulled pork!