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Breakfast Cookie Quest

Back many years ago when I was in middle school (which was called junior high school back then), I had to take Home Economics. As a tom boy, I really had no interest in any of the subjects taught in home economics. With that said, I have been on a quest to find a recipe for bacon and corn flakes breakfast cookies. I have made numerous recipes looking for the flavor I remember. Back then, we were given a recipe to follow however unlike the other things we made we weren’t allowed to eat the cookies as they were for some teacher’s appreciation breakfast. My group ate one cookie between us all. The teacher collected the recipes afterward so we couldn’t keep them. I guess she didn’t want to have to make new copies for other classes. Anyways I have been, like I said, on a quest to replicate them. I finally came to the conclusion that I have to replicate the taste myself. So, on Recipezazz.com one of the peeps made, reviewed and photographed one of my recipes. After thanking her, I decided to see if she had posted any recipes I might be interested in? I was so excited as she has a bacon and corn flakes breakfast cookie posted! Can’t wait to try it.