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Palmiers are the size of monkey ears.

Palmiers should be called monkey ears.

When I was a youngster, My Dad introduced me to elephant ears which became my favorite confection. There was a bakery down the shore on Long Beach Island, a barrier island at the Jersey shore. The bakery created the most amazingly tasty and extra-large elephant ears. My Parents would rent a house every year on the island for two weeks and the elephant ears was a traditional treat that I always looked forward to. I was invited via email to submit an entry to the Epicurious Holiday Cookie Contest, as an Epicurious Community Table blogger. After reading the requirements I looked at the existing recipes. I chose the Palmiers recipe to make and photograph. The original recipe was featured in the 1999 edition of Epicurious. I baked them 7-1/2 minutes then flipped them and cooked them an addition 7-1/2 minutes and it worked out perfectly. Every oven temperature is different, so one needs to make cooking time adjustments based on the performance of their oven. The end result produced a caramelized crunchy outer coating with a soft center. I made two batches which I gave my Dad 1/2 of. It brought back wonderful memories for both of us.


Cookie Exchange

Boxed cookies to be taken to the cookie exchange.

Boxed cookies to be taken to the cookie exchange.

I have never been to a cookie exchange. Last year, I had been invited to one but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. Of course the month of December is a very hectic time of year. So part of an exchange is bringing cookies to exchange. So I bought my tickets for this event back in September and I decided o make Amaretto balls. The only problem is, I can’t go, so my daughter J. will go in my place with my ticket. I am still making the cookies for the event for her to take. I am making one of my favorite cookies – Amaretto balls. The key is to make them ahead of time, so they have time to cure. They are tasty freshly made, but if they are stored in a metal cookie tin, this treatment causes the Amaretto to really pop. My DH’s Aunt M. was known for her bourbon balls that she made every year for Chanukah. She would grind her nuts very, very finely. The first batch I made was at 1:00 AM, three nights ago and because everyone else was sleeping, I decided to grind almonds in our sunroom to help cut down on the noise. The only problem, is I couldn’t get them as fine as I needed. I made the balls anyway, but had difficulty making them into balls. So the next night, I made a second batch which had a mixture of almonds and pecans. I was able to grind them more finely then the first batch, however, I usually buy almonds ground at the local Amish market. While helping out at our flea market, I asked MIL to fetch me that kind. So tonight I attempted to make another batch of the balls, this time with the extra fine ground almonds. The fine ground almonds is the secret to success. Okay, the real secret of success is having all of the correct ingredients. I ran out of vanilla wafers, so I decided to sub crispy rice cereal for the cookies. It did not work to make the Amaretto balls, however, it does make a great adult ice cream topping. This week I will post the recipe for the Amaretto balls just in time for the holidays as well as the ice cream topping.

Amaretto Balls

2 cups vanilla wafers (pulverized)
1 cup almonds (very finely ground)
3 tablespoons bakers cocoa
1/4 cup corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon Amaretto extract
1/4 cup Amaretto Liquor
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar (colored) or colorful sprinkles for dipping

1. Mix vanilla wafers, almonds, cocoa, corn syrup, brown
sugar and Amaretto together thoroughly.

2. Place mixture in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

3. Make approximately 1″ in diameter balls.

4. Roll them in colored sugar (I used white) or sprinkles
and place them in a metal tin lined with wax paper.

5. The longer they cure, the stronger the Amaretto will shine. (I cure them for at least 24-hours before serving.)

Yields: 24 balls




Cookie Quest Update

Yummy Breakfast Cookies with Bacon

Yummy Breakfast Cookies with Bacon. Photo by Deborah Kaplan

I bought the ingredients that I didn’t have on hand and the only miss step was that I purchased low sodium bacon. The cookie recipe produces a crunchy, soft, chewy treat. It reminds me of the cookie flavor I am looking for, however, I will have to make it again with regular bacon to be sure. My review which is attached to the recipe can be seen on the site should the link be followed: http://www.recipezazz.com/recipe/breakfast-cookies-with-bacon-15593 posted by Buzymomof3.


Breakfast Cookie Quest

Back many years ago when I was in middle school (which was called junior high school back then), I had to take Home Economics. As a tom boy, I really had no interest in any of the subjects taught in home economics. With that said, I have been on a quest to find a recipe for bacon and corn flakes breakfast cookies. I have made numerous recipes looking for the flavor I remember. Back then, we were given a recipe to follow however unlike the other things we made we weren’t allowed to eat the cookies as they were for some teacher’s appreciation breakfast. My group ate one cookie between us all. The teacher collected the recipes afterward so we couldn’t keep them. I guess she didn’t want to have to make new copies for other classes. Anyways I have been, like I said, on a quest to replicate them. I finally came to the conclusion that I have to replicate the taste myself. So, on Recipezazz.com one of the peeps made, reviewed and photographed one of my recipes. After thanking her, I decided to see if she had posted any recipes I might be interested in? I was so excited as she has a bacon and corn flakes breakfast cookie posted! Can’t wait to try it.