Thank You For the Air Pump

As I was wrapping gifts for my family this morning, I realized I didn’t have a large enough box for one of the items. I went out to the garage to see if I had any boxes out there that would be suitable. After looking around, And not seeing anything, I opened our upright freezer and saw a box of frozen chicken pot pies. I removed the pies which were individually boxed, and basically stole their heavy cardboard box. Brought the chicken pot pie box in to the dining room where I was wrapping and the item fit in the box perfectly. I started laughing to myself, remembering what happened last Christmas. We celebrated a second Christmas down at our younger daughter’s house in Delaware since she and her family missed the main celebration of Christmas with us in New Jersey. We brought with us all of the gifts from my parents, my sister and her family, as well as our gifts too. We had hot pastrami sandwiches from a local deli, and MIL had soup. We had a great time and our grandson enjoyed all of the gifts he received. After we left and went home, our daughter wrote thank you notes to everyone. She wrote a thank you note to my sister for an air pump that was given to her DH. He placed it in the garage to use in warmer weather. When my sister received the thank you note and read about the air pump, she called my Mom and asked her if our parents gave an air pump? My Mom told her she didn’t give one either. So then they called me and we didn’t give him an air pump either. We gave him a bottle of gin in a blue-bottle. My sister said, she gave him a bottle of gin too. So I called our daughter, and asked her if they had two bottles of gin. She said no, so there was a second mystery afoot. What happened to the other bottle of gin? I had our daughter K. look through all of the empty boxes, but to no avail. At this point, I can’t remember exactly why K. looked into the air pump box? She called me to tell me that she found the bottle of gin, as it was in the air pump box out in the garage. So then I called Mom and my sister and informed them that my sister had indeed given K.’s DH an air pump. Well she had forgotten all about using the box her air pump was in. We all had a great laugh! I actually am notorious for repurposing boxes for gifts. And it is wise, to open every box, as what is on the label on the outside isn’t necessarily what is inside.

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