A Four Letter Word is SNOW!

Snow storm last Winter.

Snow storm last Winter.

I grill year round, even during Winter nor’easter. When nor’easter storms come up the coast, we almost always get a lot of snow. On the other hand, if storms come from the West, the snow band dumps heavy snows in the Western and Northern suburbs of Philadelphia. In the Delaware Valley which consists of the Tri-State area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, any depth of snow promotes fear of being snowed in. Even though in my life time, I can only remember being snowed in about three or four times. The mere prediction, or even slight chance, causes a run on the supermarkets. Milk, bread, eggs, snacks fly off the shelves, as well as beer and liquor from the liquor stores. I try to stay away from supermarkets if snow is mentioned, as they become a real madhouse. However, upon an occassion I am forced to go as I am out of something. This coming Winter the rumor is that we are going to have a bad Winter with lots of snow storms, which means the supermarket owners will be happy!

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