Fresh Jersey vegetables.

Fresh Jersey vegetables.

Today, I was at the dentist and she asked me who cooked for the holiday Rosh Hashana in our family. I said that I did although, I didn’t create a big elaborate meal since there were only three of us. I told her I made matzo ball soup and charoset. From there I mentioned that I had a food blog. She mentioned that she had bought a share in a CSA. I wasn’t familiar with the acronym, so she explained to me that she gets produce during the whole harvest season from a local farmer that she signs up with, whom she pays ahead of time. She told me it is exciting as she never knows what she will get each week? So when I arrived home I searched for it on the Internet and found out it meant (Community Supported Agriculture), which I found at localharvest.org. After putting my zip code into their search engine, about three farms fairly close to me popped up as options for next season. The funny thing is, I went to sign up for Local Harvest’s newsletter, and to my utter surprise, I was already a member. All I can figure out is, it’s from when I was looking for local canning classes a couple of years ago.

3 thoughts on “CSA

  1. Kelleigh

    The local farm by us does one and I’ve wanted to do it, but its a little rich for my blood when I’m not sure we’d be able to use everything we’d get before it went bad.

  2. Kelleigh

    Yea a lot of people do that, maybe something to look more into down the road when Tommy is more likely to eat vegetables lol


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