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He Wants, He Wants, He Wants.

DH is someone whom is very difficult to buy presents for. If he wants something, he generally will go out and buy it, even if it is the day before his birthday. Some times, it is exasperating, and I often have to rein him back, as I know someone in the family has bought him the very item that he wants to buy. Sometimes he outright tells me what he wants, so I can pass the ideas on to family members. Mostly, I tell them to just him get gift cards. About a month ago, he decided he wanted a toaster oven, but not any run of the mill toaster oven, but one that hangs under the cabinet. I had done an Online search and found that one company makes such an animal. The problem is finding it at a reasonable price. MIL said to me she wanted to give us one for the holidays coming up, and asked me to try to find this elusive toaster oven. After searching the Internet, we finally decided that we would just get a counter top variety regardless of what DH wants. So we devised a plan to clean off one of the counters to accommodate the new proposed toaster oven. The other option is to let him search for the exact oven he wants. After he purchases it then MIL would just give me the money toward paying for it. The Internet is perfect for me as I hate driving from store to store for comparison shopping. Not that I don’t like to get the best price, I just don’t like the means to the end.