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R is for Refrigerator

As we were riding in the car today, MIL had mentioned she was going to buy more lox to share with our older daughter whom is coming to dinner tomorrow night. I asked, if she had finished what was leftover from the last time she bought it? She said that there was a bit left which she was going to try to freeze. As an after thought, she said that things lasted longer if food was on the lower shelf all the way in the back in the fridge. So with that, I started to laugh to myself. I said, “Do you want to hear a funny story about the word fridge? She of course said yes. I am a graphic artist professionally and years ago a house builder came to my studio with blue prints and wanted me to draw floor plans to be placed in a folder for prospective homebuyers. I drew them up and presented him with a proof for him to check to see if everything was correct. He examined them and said they looked great! I asked him if everything was labeled correctly? He looked at it closer and finally asked me what F meant in the kitchen section? I looked at it and said fridge. He said to me, “Where are you from?” Well I had to laugh as it is a common slang terminology for the refrigerator that a lot of people in South Jersey use. I don’t actually know at what point in my life that I began to use that term? Right now, I am trying to remember who I picked it up from? So of course any time I hear the word fridge I think about this story. In the end, the illustrations had the F letter removed and replaced with an R in each floor plan.