Road Trip Pizza 1

Slice for the Love of Pizza – Featured by New Jersey Monthly Magazine as one of the top places in the State of New Jersey for Pizza and we agree.

In Washington Township / 12:30 Pm Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Hazy sunny Day, 80 degrees & Humid

Tables – Ample seating – Not busy at all

Ordered large pie $21

1/2 Margarita & 1/2 Bruschetta

Unsweetened ice tea for DH

Diet Coke for Me

Total bill w/ tax & gratuity $33

The crust on the pizza was super thin. DH and I both preferred the Margarita half over the Bruschetta as in my opinion, it had way to much balsamic vinegar drizzle on it for our tastes. We definitely would go back for the Margarita. Crust was flavorful and crispy with soft center, and red sauce was garlicky. I liked the amount of fresh basil and mozzarella dotting the pie.

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