Horned Melon

A single horned melon.

A single horned melon.

An unexpected discovery.

An unexpected discovery.

Jelly in a dish.

Jelly in a dish.

Okay folks, this was not what imagined would be in side this gorgeous looking fruit. It is native of South Africa, which is where our oldest daughter’s ex-boy friend is from. Over the course their relationship I have tasted or tried different South African foods, most of which were delicious.  However, the Horned Melon was in my opinion a total waste of money. Only after I paid $6.99 for it did I bother to look it up to see what it was all about. If you are in the desert, and you are extremely thirsty, a lot of liquid can be had from one of these beautiful gems. I sliced it in half as shown and scooped out the seeds, liquid and semi jelly consistency of the flesh. I used a mesh sieve to strain the seeds from the green slime. According to one site on the Internet, the Horned Melon is similar in taste like something between a banana, lime and cucumber rolled into one. To me it tasted quite tart and sour with no sweetness at all. I added it to a smoothie, which I drank but didn’t really care for the taste. I also added it to flavor hot green tea.


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