Lamb Steak

Raw lamb steaks

Raw lamb steaks perfect for grilling. Photo by Deborah Kaplan.

Occasionally in the last couple of years, the local supermarket meat department had lamb steak as a cut, sold as lamb sirloin steak. The typical lamb cut that I have seen for sale on a regular basis has been either a shoulder-blade chop, lollipop rib rack, loin lamb chop or a partial leg roast. I figured out by the look of it that it was a cross-section of a leg of lamb. So, I went to our local butcher to buy a leg of lamb and had him slice it down into steaks at 1/2″ thick. The first ones I bought were amazing, tender and flavorful. The second group I bought was really tough as a hoe and I ended up using the all the steaks over a course of a couple of months in stews and soups. After that,  I went back to the original source and saw that they had two legs of lamb roasts about 10 inches long in the case. Both roasts produced a combo of 10 steaks, plus 6 soup/stew bones and a quart sized resealable bag worth of stewing meat. Of course it came to $50.00 but lamb is not inexpensive and in the long run it was cheaper this way rather than buying just one lamb steak at a time. I prefer doing this as opposed to cooking the whole roast, as with just the two of us, we would be eating lamb everyday for a week. MIL as a rule won’t eat a slice of meat however she will use the stew bones to flavor her soups, plus she likes to eat the marrow. Well, now I have to go get the propane bottle filled so I won’t run out of gas in the middle of grilling these lovely steaks.

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